Clinical toxicology testing

Acutis Diagnostics is a company at the leading edge of clinical toxicology. Our continual innovations in this field enable healthcare workers to monitor medications, as well as to detect the presence of illicit drugs.
The quality of our work, our sense of urgency, our specialization,
and our depth of service enable clients to perform their tasks with the highest degree of confidence. So you have one less thing to worry about.

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A new definition of service

Industry-leading turnaround time

If you’re concerned about any possible substance use or misuse of medication, we know there’s no time to waste for immediate intervention.


We are committed to providing a rapid turnaround; in as few as 24 hours. We can do this and do it consistently because we’ve invested in automation, robotics, and advanced algorithms.

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Up-to-date testing menu

Our scientists closely monitor prescribed medications and misuse trends, so you can rely on our R&D teams to develop and release tests that reflect the most current and most local substances being distributed in your area.


To ensure the greatest degree of accuracy, our advanced screening with LC-MS/MS technology ensures substances aren’t missed due to high cutoff values and low cross-reactivity in EIA screening.

Compliance in testing programs

Testing standards constantly evolve but must be followed.


Toward that end, our advanced testing and practices ensure conformance to payor, industry, and group compliance.

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Toxicology hotline

Access to the best information isn’t an option,
it’s an obligation that enables you to practice confidently.


Our toxicology hotline connects you directly to our toxicology and clinical relations specialists who are available to speak with you to provide the information you need about our clinical toxicology test menu.


Explore our quick reference guides for
medication monitoring and substance use & addiction