What is Acutis?

Today, we have taken a big step forward.

Building on our platform of advance science and technology we are introducing to healthcare professionals Acutis Reveal™ respiratory and Reveal™ gastrointestinal molecular tests for infectious diseases.

These new tests offer physicians and clinicians a greater degree of certainty than any standard or traditional test can.

These new products offer further evidence of Acutis’ passion for innovative technologies and strategies. Reveal™ products and services were conceived to further enhance clinicians' judgments, and so provide them with the data to diagnose and treat infectious diseases with highest degree of confidence.

A new definition of service

We have built a company with a commitment to the best science, technology and practices, all set in motion by teams of deeply committed professionals. 

Acutis is a company with no gaps. No bureaucracy. No evasive hierarchy.

From our CEO engaged in strategic planning and our Senior Scientists in the lab and Support Staff at the facility, to our Sales Specialists on the road, every employee is fully accountable.


You have one less thing to worry about. 

Acutis Reveal™ enables medical providers
to devise the most personal course of treatment and do it with a greater degree of certainty.

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