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10 ideas for a fun, sober New Year's eve

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The holidays can be difficult for people suffering from addiction to stay on a path to recovery because the season is full of temptation.

Don’t worry though, we’re almost through the year! Here are some fun ideas for a sober New Year’s Eve:

  1. Enjoy a dinner show with friends. It’s great entertainment as well as a distraction from your phone!

  2. Host a game night with mock-tails! You may be thinking, “mock-tails? Not the same,” but they are just as enjoyable when you’re surrounded by good friends and company.

  3. Watch the ball drop live in Times Square! This is a once in a lifetime experience that will consume the whole day. Some advice is to arrive as early in the afternoon as possible. Also, there will be no alcohol around because public drinking is illegal in NYC.

  4. Have some laughs at a comedy club, followed by coffee and dessert!

  5. Meditate on the lessons you’ve learned this year, plus your resolutions for 2020.

  6. Attend a recovery party with friends you’ve made in treatment programs who have the same goals as yourself!

  7. Have a family movie night featuring your favorite movie and lots of extra buttery popcorn!

  8. Do something adventurous, like mountain biking followed by a campfire under the stars. Hopefully you’ll have a nice view of some fireworks!

  9. Go to a city you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Explore life’s greatest wonders and taste new cuisines. It will be a fulfilling day!

  10. Treat yourself to a spa night in the comfort of your own home. Include candles, face masks, and all the works!

It is easy to have fun and stay sober on New Year’s Eve. Take pictures of your activities to keep as a reminder of this. Don’t be afraid to start new traditions by making self-care a priority! The Acutis Diagnostics family wishes everyone a fun, safe, and cheerful end to 2019! If you are recovering from addiction or know someone who is, we encourage you to explore these links below to discover more fun ideas for New Years, and more tips for recovery during the Holidays!

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