Acutis receives approval for new Acutis Reveal RIT™ extraction method

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Our scientists do not settle for the status quo, and as we approach the flu season during a pandemic, our call to action has been to continue to innovate so that we can better serve patients. In October, Acutis received approval from the New York State Department of Health on a new Acutis Reveal RIT™ (upper respiratory infection) extraction method that will further improve our testing throughput for upper respiratory infections.

This validation was born out of the need to accommodate the increase in testing for a broader number of upper respiratory infectious pathogens during fall and winter months. The test also enables Acutis to better manage potential supply chain risks that laboratories have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. Coupled with newly introduced robotic solutions, the new extraction technique enables Acutis to handle anticipated volume increases at an even faster turnaround time.

We work with the point of view that laboratories must manage testing workflow dynamically with an ability to switch in a just-in-time manner when supply chain issues arise. The flexibility that we have built into our day-to-day operations is a critical success factor to the reliability that we have offered our clients throughout the pandemic. In order to reduce supply chain risk, we now have multiple laboratory-developed methods for extracting viral nucleic acid that use reagents and instruments from different vendors.

This exciting development in molecular testing comes on the heels of the approval for urinary tract infection testing through Acutis Reveal UTI™, making this two major laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) that have passed the rigors of the New York State Department of Health over the past month. Our team remains steadfastly committed to cutting edge science in the field of infectious disease and to best laboratory practices so that our clients have certainty during this time of urgency.

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