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Acutis Steps Up at the 19th Annual ASAP Conference

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

From September 23rd through the 27th 2018,  CEO Jibreel Sarij and Sales Specialists Jared Blais and Emily Talarico attended the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State (ASAP) Annual Conference in Syracuse, New York. 

That we’re in the midst of a crisis is not news. All attendees at the ASAP Conference are acutely aware of the enormity of the problem. Ben Walsh, the Mayor of Syracuse, mentioned in his remarks that a death by an overdose occurred only a few days earlier, a block from the conference center. Everyone, from caseworkers and administrators, to medical practitioners and specialists, had their war stories. There was no shortage of tactics and strategies discussed, all focused on ASAP’s guiding principle that addiction is a treatable and preventable disease. A highlight of the conference was a talk by the journalist Sam Quinones, author of the National Book Critics Circle Award-winning book, Dreamland: The True Take of America’s Opiate Epidemic. Quinones took on one of the most controversial issues of the day: how heroin moved from the urban centers into our nation’s heartland.

During the event, Jibreel Sarij spoke at length with ASAP’s Executive Director John Coppola, The two discussed how the ASAP might tap into Acutis’ expertise in drug testing and also how the ASAP might benefit from access to vast amounts of data Acutis has compiled. Coppola accepted an invitation to visit our facility. We look forward to new friends and a dynamic collaboration.

Visit the 19th Annual ASAP Conference website.

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