Acutis Summer Sales Retreat

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Each year, our national sales team comes together to celebrate the successes of the year, plan for the next year, and work through continued training and education to ensure they’re prepared to meet clients with a strong background understanding of Acutis, our products and services, and our industry. As health and safety were top of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew it was the right decision to postpone last year’s event until everyone could travel and meet safely.

As worldwide vaccination efforts increase and travel restrictions lessen, we were finally able to invite our national sales team to Long Island for our Acutis Summer Sales Retreat – our first large-scale, in-person group event since December 2019. Although this was the inaugural Summer Sales Retreat, we predict this will become an annual event where our national sales team and members of our corporate laboratory headquarters meet and learn more about each other and the importance of their roles at Acutis.

This was the first opportunity for many team members to meet each other in person for the first time due to the pandemic, and while getting to know one another, they also collaborated on best practices and sales techniques to set each other up for success. They took some time to participate in a goal-setting exercise, where members of the sales team shared the goals they had for themselves individually and for their team for the remainder of 2021. They also participated in a team-building sales education session where team members competed in small groups in a challenging science-based game.

Although COVID is still top of mind, Acutis CEO Jibreel Sarij shared his thoughts surrounding gratitude and excitement for other future endeavors. The team echoed these sentiments and looks forward to the remainder of 2021, while hoping to see everyone again before the end of this year.