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Black History Month: Dr. A. Oveta Fuller

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

An associate professor and leading virologist at the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, and her team, have published studies on herpes simplex (HSV 1 & HSV 2) and influenza viruses to apply basic molecular information toward the development of new anti-virals, the detection of genetic variation, and the development of community-based interventions for infectious disease prevention.

Dr. Fuller's research has recently focused on preventive medicine and medical education and ways to address infectious disease health disparities worldwide. Specifically, her team strives to validate the effectiveness of "Trusted Messenger Intervention" (TMI), a prevention model that reframes HIV as a virus infection that can be controlled. The main objective of this collaborative and community-based research surrounding TMI will enable leaders to become more confident in addressing HIV/AIDS effectively.

Leading to a critical step in stopping virus transmission and reducing the incidence and death from AIDS and other preventable diseases, Dr. Fuller's research to validate TMI presents an effective measure for advancing health throughout the world.

Find out more about the accomplished A. Oveta Fuller, Ph.D. and her current research here.

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