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Could tiny blood clots cause long COVID’s puzzling symptoms?

While the mystery of ‘Long-COVID’ has been a ‘real mystery’, some clues are emerging. Since multiple organs are involved with varieties of symptoms in ‘Long-COVID’, scientists are hypothesizing that the tiny clots might be responsible for causing the ‘Long-COVID’s puzzling symptoms. Long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms and involvement of multiple organs could be due to tiny, persistent clots that constrict blood flow to vital organs.

Although no trials of the anticoagulant treatment have been successfully conducted yet and the anticoagulating somebody is not a benign thing, growing number of scientists in their published and unpublished studies, and an increasing number of people with the condition, are advocating for the trials of anticoagulant treatments so that stronger causal evidence can be established for its safer use. Also, whether the tiny clot is causing the symptoms of ‘Long-COVID’ or is this just another unusual COVID phenomenon, is still not clear. Such trials would help consolidating the scattered evidence and would bring all the stakeholders together towards consensus. While the ‘micro-clot’ hypothesis seems promising, ‘Long-COVID’ sufferers are in terrible pain, are desperately looking for some therapies, and have pertinent questions like where are the drug trials? why is it taking so long? etc.

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