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Flying under the radar: What are you missing?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Dr. Marjorie Bon Homme, PhD, DABCC, Chief Scientist and Laboratory Director at Acutis will deliver a short but critical talk: “Flying under the radar: What are you missing?” This presentation will be given on Monday, September 23rd from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in The Whitney Room, during the 20th Annual ASAP NYS Conference.

Dr. Bon Homme will discuss the sudden appearance of new formulations of synthetic drugs. The presence of these novel and dangerous substances are frustrating healthcare professionals, particularly as many of the substances cannot be detected by traditional tests, and so many users are not being helped. What’s more, the profession is also dealing with familiar drugs, which in the past weren’t abused, but are now ingredients in increasingly toxic “drug cocktails.”

To further complicate matters, users are experimenting with different ways to administer drugs. It is a challenging situation that Dr. Bon Homme and her team at Acutis are addressing with advanced science and technology. The results to date provide real reason for optimism.

Dr. Bon Homme’s talk will provide practitioners with a timely, in-depth acquaintance with this distressing phenomenon — information on the new illicit drugs that are flying under the radar and into our communities. This information will offer healthcare providers better data, which will suggest appropriate treatment options for those abusing new drugs and substances.

If this new phase of the current crisis is news to you, you’ll want to attend Dr. Bon Homme’s talk.

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