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Letters to Elders 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Amidst the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and many of Acutis' ventures to give back to our community, our Letters to Elders initiative was one of our most impactful endeavors. Acutis team members wrote their own "letter to an elder" to support elders by brightening their spirits during a period of pandemic isolation through the holidays.

As the pandemic rages on, our SRRC organized another Letters to Elders initiative for the second year in a row to bring some joy to our elders who may be isolated from family and friends. The beneficiaries of this endeavor were residents of The Wesley Community in Saratoga Springs, NY, and Wells Nursing Home in Johnstown, NY, who are all patients served by Acutis.

In regards to the letters, the Director of Life Enrichment at The Wesley Community informed us that the messages from our team members brightened the spirits of their residents.

"Thank you so very much for the incredible and heartfelt letters, the residents were so very appreciative and the smiles from your kind words seemed to last the rest of the day."

We are grateful to our SRRC for organizing community initiatives that enable us to not only give back, but also spread joy, at a time when some are feeling alone or unsupported. We are proud that our team members, working remotely or in the office, are delighted to able to participate in activities that directly impact our local community.

We look forward to 2022 where we will continue bettering our communities through socio-economically, culturally, and environmentally-driven ventures.

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