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RSV is surging: What we know about this common and surprisingly dangerous virus

Amidst flu season and ongoing COVID-19 waves, it is concerning to see children’s hospitals around the country filled with patients infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) – a phenomenon commonly discussed as ‘Tridemic’ or ‘Tripledemic’. Despite being so common for a long time, RSV was not getting much attention earlier. Because of the complexity of this ‘Tridemic’, many parents are now anxious to learn more about this.

Based on the gradually gained knowledge over 15+ years about this common and surprisingly dangerous virus, scientists have tried to answer many common questions including what is RSV, what are its symptoms, how is RSV transmitted, how severe is an RSV infection, why are cases surging now, is there a vaccine for RSV, how is RSV treated, what should someone do if they think they or a family member has RSV, when should someone with RSV go to the hospital, and what can one do to protect vulnerable people from RSV.

More than ever, it is very important to identify pathogens quickly and properly by using tests like Acutis Reveal™ respiratory infection test (RIT) that can detect up to 22 major respiratory pathogens including RSV A and B within 24 hours.

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