Spherical nucleic acid immunization as a revolutionizing COVID-19 Vaccine

The emergence of the BA.5 variant and its capacity to thwart the efficacy of the currently available vaccines have prompted the scientific community more than ever to come up with novel vaccine platforms to overcome such problems. Among many technologies under development, the platform using the Spherical Nucleic Acid (SNA) nanotechnology, which has been widely implemented for vaccines against cancer, has significantly outperformed commercially available vaccines when tested on COVID-19-infected mice. Moreover, this technology could become a pioneering technology in developing vaccines against several other infectious diseases as well which will in turn help to improve the global burden of antimicrobial resistance.

Utilizing the concept of rationale vaccinology, Scientists developed a novel vaccine platform using SNA immunization that outperformed the best commercially available vaccines when tested on COVID-19-infected mice. They implemented SNA, which utilizes biocompatible and naturally found molecules in cellular biology, as a tool to explore the impact of vaccine presentation when applied to infectious diseases using COVID-19 as a model. Since it has illustrated that antibody production is tunable through simple chemical adjustments and that a simple change can significantly boost antibody production, it has a huge potential to emerge as the technology for next-generation infectious disease vaccines.

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