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What We Know About Getting a Second Booster Shot of COVID-19 Vaccines

Amidst the recent FDA authorization of updated vaccines, people are still wondering about how and to which extent the second booster fortifies immunity against the coronavirus, how long benefits last, and how well a strategy centered around recurrent inoculations will work, especially among less vulnerable groups. People are also wondering about how the fourth dose boosts the immune system, and how effective is a second COVID-19 booster. Should everyone get a second booster? etc.

The recent studies published in the New England Journal and Lancet showed a clear advantage of the fourth mRNA vaccine dose to the elderly and other high-risk groups since it provided strong protection against hospitalization and death from COVID-19 by significantly boosting the antibody titers after a fourth dose than they did after the third, with even more pronounced antibody response among 70 years of age or older. While any measures that can boost the neutralizing antibody levels, including the fourth booster, seems like the best bet for everyone in the high-risk group, for people not considered high-risks like younger, relatively healthy people, it might not be as crucial for them as the vulnerable populations if they decide to wait for little longer.

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