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Corporate Testing with Acutis Reveal™

Acutis Reveal™ offers a new definition of certainty.

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We understand that post-COVID-19 has introduced a new challenge.
The stakes for your workplace are high when it comes to testing your employees. 

We believe you need a laboratory that is reliable.

One that delivers results at the speed of your fast-paced business with a testing process that is easeful from start to finish. Above all, where quality and accuracy are non-negotiable.


Our work is to get it all done so that: You have one less thing to worry about.

Over 1.5 million COVID-19samples processed, reliably
Quick turnaroundthat keeps your teamon track
Distinct accuracyand quality
Concierge serviceand high touch logisticsthat bring ease

Start testing with us today

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Workplaces that benefit from Acutis Reveal™ testing

Entertainment industry Keeping productions running as scheduled
while keeping talent and production staff safe.

Molecular detection of infectious diseases eases and expedites the process


If you have any questions about Acutis Reveal™ testing

Our molecular disease relations experts are available to speak with you to provide the information you need, to make individual test selections, based on your diagnoses and medical necessity.

Discover all our Acutis Reveal™ tests for infectious diseases