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Certainty at a time of urgency

Testing is the first step toward healing. That said, precise results are not a given.

Acutis is a specialized medical laboratory that complements its hard science with the soft skills of its support teams. This combination allows practitioners to diagnose and treat with greater confidence and with ease.  

Widening our horizon with infectious disease

With Acutis Reveal™, our infectious disease product line, we provide more exact ways to identify pathogens, with far faster speeds and with more information on therapeutic response. This in turn offers physicians and clinicians a greater degree of certainty than any standard or traditional test can.  


Our Reveal™ products and services were conceived to further enhance clinicians' judgments in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease. We understand the harm that an under-treated infection can cause, and so we continue to research ways to leverage the transformational potential of precision medicine and other emerging laboratory sciences to expand our product line.      


During times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, Acutis is able to respond quickly and effectively because we began with a firm foundation in the science of infectious disease and we invest in the research necessary to keep pace with the complex nature of infectious disease testing.  



Expert and leader in clinical toxicology

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Our continual innovations in the field of clinical toxicology enable healthcare workers to monitor medications, as well as to detect the presence of illicit drugs. However, since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increased use of illicit drugs represent another crisis that the nation cannot afford to neglect.  

Our careful and dynamic progress in this specialty provides a necessary asset to both the medical profession, as well as the various individuals and communities whose lives may well depend on the delivery of precise responses.  

A new definition of service

We have built a company grounded in the most advanced science, technology, and best practices, all set in motion by teams of deeply committed professionals. A company transparent in action and accessible to end users.

Acutis is a company with no gaps.  
No evasive hierarchy.  No frustrating bureaucracy.


From our CEO engaged in strategic planning, our Senior Scientists in the lab, and their Support Staff at the facility, to our Sales Specialists on the road, every employee is fully accountable. Fully aware of our obligation to our customers.


Speak to a sales specialist about our tests
and how you might incorporate them into your practice.

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Our latest news & educational insights

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Committed in Life Sciences 

Acutis bioscience is a division of Acutis with the means and expertise to partner with forward-looking life science-related businesses, including pharmaceutical companies contract research organizations (CROs), diagnostics manufacturers, and others in the healthcare industry.    


Acutis Biosciences can reliably meet your biomarker needs while providing outcomes you can employ with confidence.   


Certifications & affiliations

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