Acutis Reveal™ infectious disease tests

Infectious disease pathogens can be deadly if not managed.
Highly infectious or proven benign.
Protracted if not contained.

When treating a patient, it is imperative to determine what infectious agent is present,
in order to determine the best course of intervention.


The good news: Acutis Reveal™


The science of molecular diagnostics, along with advancements in traditional lab techniques, provide answers with far greater speed and accuracy.


Our Acutis Reveal™ testing identifies the presence of specific pathogens and determines whether the infection is viral, bacterial, or parasitic in nature. It does this while delivering accurate results, in measurably faster turnaround time.

In possession of this deeper information, clinicians can devise the most personal course of therapy, while expecting positive outcomes with a greater degree of certainty.


Our Reveal™ ​lines of tests are continually refined to meet today's most urgent clinical requirements.

Discover our Acutis Reveal™ tests 

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Acutis tested

1 out every 130 people

tested nationally in the US

1 business day

COVID-19 testing

Exacting science

Faster results = faster intervention

The majority of our samples
are resulted within

Experts on hand

Access to our specialists

Discuss patient results with our

infectious disease and

microbiology specialists

Industry-leading turnaround time

Precise subtype detection

Detection of key pathogens prevents misdiagnoses and potential inappropriate

use of antibiotics

(Statistic as of 9/1/2020)


Acutis    COVID-19

One of the earliest labs in New York State to test


Processing 100,000 tests per month

Reported results for the majority of samples within 24 hours

Consistently highlighted by clients for critically fast turnaround 

Benefits of Acutis Reveal™ at a glance


Exacting science that identifies the nature of a pathogen, removing ambiguity presented by similar symptoms

Extreme sensitivity for more precise identification of pathogens

Rapid results delivered quickly, as early as 5 to 24 hours from receipt of sample

The confidence of knowing with near certainty the cause and seriousness of an illness, and the satisfaction of relieving your patients’ fears and anxieties

Our menu of testing options is continually refined to meet today’s clinical requirements, our commitment to innovation promises ever more accurate results.

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