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Payer relations information

At Acutis, quality and value are of the highest priority when delivering diagnostics services.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality testing and services and are committed to doing so for our patients and payer partners.

Every step — from sample pick-up, to sample testing, to the delivery of our final report — ensures accurate, clinically actionable results to better patient care and outcomes for your members and providers.

We currently accept all National, Regional, State, and Local insurance plans regardless of network status.

Our dedication to excellence


Compliance in testing programs

As testing standards constantly evolve, continued compliance is always a top priority.


Toward that end, our advanced testing and internal practices ensure conformance to a payer, industry, and group compliance and best practices.


Quality = value

Your members’ providers need answers quickly to prevent the escalation of patient episodes.


We provide accelerated, actionable information which assists providers in making real-time clinical decisions based on individual patient needs. The result is an overall reduction in total costs through fewer office visits and complications that often lead to hospital stays.


Industry-leading turnaround time

Speed matters. Our average time to report results is 16 hours, and for many samples, even sooner. This turnaround increases clinicians’ ability to determine and implement treatment quickly.


The sooner your practitioners have the information they need in front of them, the sooner they can act to ensure patient compliance and intervene where necessary. We are set up with the flexibility that you need to keep your members moving, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.


Our payer partners

As a participating provider with some of the nation’s largest insurers, we are able to provide testing to patients around the country.


We work with our payer partners to ensure the alignment of payer policies and best practices for testing. This partnership can reduce spending and increase providers’ utilization of in-network services while decreasing unnecessary testing and charges.

For questions regarding network status
or to partner with Acutis Diagnostics,

please contact our Payer Relations Team

Our dedicated Billing team
is available to assist patients
with their balances 

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