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Industry-leading infectious disease and clinical toxicology tests

infectious test menu-losange copyOur testing options are continually refined to meet or exceed today’s clinical requirements, while our commitment to innovation promises ever more accurate results in the critical areas of medication monitoring, substance use & addiction, and infectious disease. Our PhDs, senior scientists, and certified medical technologists utilize robotics, automation, and sophisticated algorithms to turn samples, even of the smallest quantities of specimens, into actionable data.  

To offer the greatest degree of certainty than any standard or traditional test can, many of our tests not only utilize FDA-approved methodology but are also approved by CLEP  – a third-party reviewer for the FDA and a division of the NY DOH. ​  
The result: superior insight, uncompromising service, and so better outcomes.


Our Specialties

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Infectious disease with Acutis Reveal™

Clinical toxicology

Regardless of the test, Acutis = accuracy

test menu-REPORT copy-1Our advanced technology, instrumentation, and methodologies are managed by committed professionals who share a “no compromise” work ethic.   

Every step - from sample delivery to our lab, to our final reporting - adheres to protocols that have no tolerance for error.



If you are a physician or practitioner and want to know more about our tests

You can always email or call Acutis and speak directly with one of our sales specialists