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At Acutis, we believe that rigorous technological processes and best practices are only fully realized when their benefits are accessible to every member of the team.

Toward that end, we have built a company with no gaps.

From our CEO engaged in strategic planning and our senior scientists in the lab,
to sales specialists on the road, every employee is fully accountable.

Fully accessible. Completely willing to assume responsibility.

Our people


Jibreel W. Sarij


Jibreel is passionate about improving care with the convergence of science, technology, and service. He brings over two decades of global experience to Acutis as its founding CEO.


Jibreel is driven every day to maintain Acutis’ steadfast emphasis on ease of use, speed, and accuracy. Today, he leads the company into the more sophisticated specialty of molecular diagnostics and into a forward-looking, research-driven firm with the introduction of Acutis Reveal™, our line of infectious disease tests, and an exciting roadmap of new diagnostics. Jibreel is a hands-on executive who takes pride in working closely with members of the healthcare community, while also being engaged in issues that directly affect the health of the general public.


Jibreel’s work in healthcare follows his career in specialty finance and business advisory. Most recently, Jibreel was co-founder and Executive Vice President of CGI, a joint venture with a multilateral bank. His early corporate experiences are as a vice president with JPMorganChase and associate director and early employee for Scient, a Silicon Valley-backed start-up that went on to a successful IPO.


Jibreel holds a Bachelors's degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Columbia University. During his career, Jibreel has spent over five years working internationally in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, amongst other countries. 

Marjorie Bon Homme


Executive Vice President
Laboratory Director & Chief Scientist

Dr. Marjorie Bon Homme leads our talented group of scientists as Laboratory Director and Chief Scientist for Acutis. Often asking the question of “how we can improve what we do, and how we do it?", Dr. Bon Homme is a forward-looking scientist who brings the organizational discipline that is required in a quality-driven laboratory and the scientific curiosity that keeps us focused on the future.  


Dr. Bon Homme earned a Ph.D. in physiology and biophysics from Stony Brook University, and completed fellowship studies in clinical chemistry and toxicology from the University of Louisville. She is board certified by the Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry as well as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.  


Dr. Bon Homme has held leadership roles in several healthcare organizations. Most recently, Dr. Bon Homme managed the fast passed, high volume clinical chemistry laboratory at Bellevue Hospital in New York City which processed over 10 million samples per year. Testament to her leadership, Dr. Bon Homme managed the laboratory through the substantial damage of Hurricane Sandy and become a noted speaker on laboratory risk management.  Prior to Bellevue, she worked at the UCLA Medical Center where she provided laboratory services to a level 1 trauma center and a pediatric critical care group.  Dr. Bon Homme has a distinguished record of research, including her work on complex algorithms that are used in pharmacogenetics.  


A native New Yorker, Marjorie is a board member of Promoting Health in Haiti, an organization dedicated to training highly skilled nurses and she is a board member of Center of Hope Orphanage, a Haiti based orphan care facility.

David C. Goldberg

Chief Compliance Officer

David Goldberg is an accomplished diagnostics and biosciences industry professional who drives our research vision forward as Managing Director of our Biosciences division and maintains rigorous protocols as Chief Compliance Officer.  


David leads the charge, as Chief Compliance Officer, to ensure that every team member upholds the responsibility of maintaining our compliance initiatives so that we can provide trust, in all that we do, to those that trust in us.  His role as leader of our biosciences division is to ensure the interconnection between the need for new diagnostics, research pathways, technology, and commercialization potential are working in lockstep.  


Prior to Acutis, David was the Chief Operating Officer of Authentidate Holding Corp., a publicly listed company that provided both diagnostic services and telehealth solutions. He also served as president of Enzo Clinical Labs, a full-service clinical reference laboratory and the largest division of the publicly listed diagnostics and life sciences company Enzo Biochem, Inc. David was also general manager of Enzo Life Sciences, a manufacturer of life science research reagents.  With over 30 years of experience within the clinical diagnostics and biosciences industries, David has a track record of success that was built from his earliest work as a laboratory accessioner, while attending college, to organizing some of the most pioneering research in the application of molecular techniques to solve diagnostic challenges. This broad experience in technical, operational, and business matters affords David a unique blend of leadership and expertise.


He received an MBA in Finance from New York University and a Master of Science Degree in Microbiology from Rutgers University.​

Lisa McGrory

Senior Vice President

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa McGrory earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting from Boston College and is a New York State CPA.


Lisa has held key leadership roles in several industries including healthcare, legal administration, and financial services, developing her expertise in financial analysis and forecasting, treasury management, internal controls, and expense management.  With over 20+ years' experience in auditing, accounting and finance and over 15 years' experience in management positions, Lisa has acquired expertise in helping companies achieve financial growth and success and without compromising their strategic vision or financial transparency.  

Anthony Nolfo

Vice President of Sales

Anthony Nolfo earned his Bachelor of Science degree in finance from St. Thomas Aquinas College. He has over 15 years of sales experience, 9 of which focused on different specialties within the healthcare industry.

Having worked his way up through the diagnostic industry since 2011, Anthony brings an extensive background in sales, management, national business development, and a network throughout the country to Acutis. Anthony is responsible for managing the entirety of the Acutis national sales force.

Javon Barnwell 


Human Resources Director

Javon Barnwell earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and his Masters of Business Administration & Global Learning from SUNY Empire State College. He has served within the Healthcare industry for approximately 15 years.

Of that time, Javon spent 10 years in the Human Resources arena, managing the various functions of HR. Over the years, he has developed a solid skill set with employee engagement and has proven success with organizational communication and culture transformation.  


Michelle Leger

Director of Operations

Michelle Leger earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences from the University of Connecticut. With 14 years of clinical laboratory experience, Michelle spent 5 years working in an anatomical pathology lab managing the FISH and Molecular Laboratories and later the Quality Assurance and Environmental Health & Safety departments.


Michelle has since led the Acutis team in achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality assurance in a fast-growing clinical laboratory environment.

Katie Harris

Director of Managed Care
and Payer Relations

Katie Harris, our Director of  Managed Care and Payer Relations, is responsible for our Managed Care contracting efforts and creating and maintaining our relationship with our payer partners. Throughout her 20 years in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, Katie successfully handled various RCM, Compliance, and Managed Care functions and most recently spent 10 years in the specialty lab space, specifically in Infectious Disease and Toxicology testing. She is a current member of the National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA).


As Director of Managed Care and Payer Relations, Katie’s focus is expanding network coverage, partnering with our payers, and the advancement of our organization throughout the United States.

Mayilvahanan Shanmugam


Senior Scientist

Mayilvahanan (Mayil) Shanmugam has conducted research in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology for more than three decades.​  


Always inspiring our research team with his can-do attitude and scientific rigor, Dr. Shanmugam leads our research and development work in the areas of microbiology and molecular genetics. He most recently led our presentation at the American Molecular Pathology conference on “Clinical Evaluation of a Robust Custom-Designed Multiplexed qPCR Microarray for Urinary Tract Infections” and has managed a pipeline of research for Acutis.  


Dr. Shanmugam has extensively researched topics such as the pathogenic trait identification of bacteria and its genetic modifications, DNA and RNA sequence analysis, new peptide therapeutic molecules for possible cancer therapeutics, transposon mutagenesis for microbial gene characterization using Next-Generation Sequencing. He was conferred a Co-Principal Investigator – NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award (R21) 2018-2020.  


His post-doctoral fellowship work was completed at the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and at The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He earned his Ph.D. in genetics and molecular biology with distinction at the Madurai Kamaraj University in India.

Abdel Halim 

PharmD, MSc,
Associate Director
& Senior Advisor

Dr. Abdel Halim is one of only four scientists in the country to have the distinction of being triple board certified. His certifications are in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, and toxicology.

Over 25 years, Abdel has worked in translational medicine, biomarker discovery, and diagnostics. Over that time, he has published over 65 peer-reviewed articles and conducted over 100 presentations.

Jonathan Dobyns


Director of Program Management & Technology

Jonathan Dobyns leads a collection of teams as the Director of Program Management & Technology. Jon joined Acutis with 10 years’ laboratory experience, including toxicology and pharmacy home healthcare, and 6 years’ laboratory management experience. Jon is responsible for project coordination, business process improvement, and Technology, Client Care, and Logistics teams at Acutis.


Jonathan leads his teams through an emphasis on streamlined visions in innovation, customer service, production development, and lean operation. He focuses his teams by encouraging his teammates’ sheer hunger for professional and personal growth.

Daniela Zaborskis

Director of Production

Dr. Daniela Zaborskis is the Director of Production at Acutis. She is trained as a Ph.D. in toxicology and has specialized in toxicology diagnostics for over 7 years. Dr. Zaborskis is responsible for all phases of lab testing and leads her team in providing insights into testing interpretation and limitations.

Mumtaz Akhtar

Senior Researcher

Mumtaz Akhtar is a Ph.D. candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences concentration in Toxicology at St. John’s University.


Mumtaz's recent work on the detection of 26 Novel Fentanyl Analogs by LC-MS/MS was presented at the 40th annual meeting of the American College of Toxicology (ACT).  His current research project represents a significant contribution to the understanding of neuroendocrine and neurotoxicological effects of Mancozeb (a widely used fungicide) on the mammalian hippocampus.  


Mumtaz specialization in the development of analytical methods using LC-MS/MS.  A dynamic scientist, he frequently contributes to research related to our molecular and infectious disease work.   His focus on innovation in the molecular diagnostics and clinical toxicology has enabled us to improve production techniques across the laboratory.

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