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Respiratory Pathogen Testing with Acutis Reveal™

Acutis Reveal™ respiratory infection test (RIT) quickly identifies pathogens, determines what is present, and most importantly, answers questions as to whether the infection is viral or bacterial in nature.

RIT-losange copy-1Is it the flu, or is it COVID? Although there are key differences between the two, flu and COVID-19 share many superficial characteristics: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and fatigue are symptoms commonly associated with both diseases.

These similarities mean symptoms alone offer physicians little guidance. To complicate the matter furthermore, undiagnosed co-infection with respiratory pathogens, such as COVID-19 and bacterial pneumonia, can develop into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The diagnosis and subsequent therapeutic response differ significantly depending on which infections are identified.

For these reasons, testing may be needed to help confirm a diagnosis and provide insight into the best path for treatment.


Benefits of Acutis Reveal™ RIT at a glance

Prevention of misdiagnoses and subsequent inappropriate use of antibiotics
Delivery of 95% of results the same day we receive the sample
Precise subtype detection of key pathogens
Access to infectious disease and microbiology specialists

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Molecular detection of infectious diseases eases and expedites the process


Our FDA-approved method can detect up to 22 major respiratory pathogens often returning results the same day we receive the sample:

viral targets
  • Adenovirus

  • Coronavirus HKU1

  • Coronavirus NL63

  • Coronavirus 229E

  • Coronavirus OC43

  • Human bocavirus

  • Human metapneumovirus

  • Influenza A

  • Influenza A H1

  • Influenza A H3

  • Influenza B

  • Parainfluenza virus 1

  • Parainfluenza virus 2

  • Parainfluenza virus 3 Parainfluenza virus 4

  • Respiratory syncytial virus A

  • Respiratory syncytial virus B

  • Rhinovirus / Enterovirus

bacterial targets
  • Chlamydophila pneumoniae

  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae

  • Bordetella pertussis

  • Bordetella parapertussis

Access to infectious disease and microbiology specialists

If you have any questions about Acutis Reveal™ respiratory tests, our molecular disease relations experts are available to speak with you to provide the information you need, and to make individual test selections, based on your diagnoses and medical necessity.

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