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Substance use and addiction are not headlines we're chasing. We know practitioners are harried.
People are in pain. The stakes are high.

Our work is to ensure:
You have one less thing to worry about.

Substance use & addiction testing 

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Up-to-date testing menu

Our Synthetic
Fentanyl menu

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Percentage of samples we result within 1 business day

Toxicology hotline

No lines. No wait.

Get direct access to PhD-level toxicologists, educational training programs,
and other resources

Industry-leading turnaround time

Our proprietary 728 Patient Report

Seamlessly integrated with
your EMR system and supported
by our online client portal

Samples in, reports out

Our promise to you 

Your results are delivered rapidly, in as few as 24 hours, allowing you to act fast and intervene immediately if needed

Sharper cut-off values identify substances too often missed by ordinary testing, allowing you to provide the best care for your patients

Our advanced testing and practices conform to payor, industry and group compliance, protecting your practice

Our proprietary reporting, integrated with your EMR system and  seamlessly supported by our online client portal, enables you to make clinical decisions with ease

Explore our
quick reference guide for substance use & addiction


If you want to know more about
our substance use & addiction testing

While our menu of testing options is continually refined to meet today’s clinical requirements, our commitment to innovation promises ever more accurate results. You can always email or call Acutis and speak directly with one of our sales specialists to learn more. 


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