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Acutis guiding principles 

The hard science practiced by our scientists and the soft skills possessed
by our support staff and sales specialists set in motion a dynamic unique in the industry.

To achieve our mission, we follow our 5 Acutis Guiding Principles.

Thorough, exact, consistent

Execute with an eye toward excellence

Move in sync

Trust is essential

Enable improvement through engagement

Execute with an eye toward excellence

We are a company in motion. Data-driven, continually seeking ways to improve and innovate.

At every point in our process — from sample collection,  through testing and delivery — we aim for excellence. The following morning, we start again, asking: "how we can improve what we do, and how we do it?"

Move in sync

In motion means we not only work together, we work with one another.  

In motion is trusting one’s colleagues, one’s staff. 

Allowing mistakes. Celebrating breakthroughs. 

Always offering the opportunity to grow. 

Thorough, exact, consistent

The information we provide must be the product of rigorous practices, produced with no tolerance for error.

The result: Clients can act with confidence; ensuring the best outcomes.

Trust is essential

Enable improvement

through engagement

In motion = emotion.

We trust one another and assume good intent.

We’re professionals and respect each other as such — as individuals, as teammates, as a company. We have each other’s back. No one is left behind.

This is a company where individual advancement = our collective wellbeing. 

In motion = better and better.  

Day in and day out we question, every assumption, every practice, every procedure, and then ask:  What can we do better today than yesterday?

Answers sometimes create tension. When you feel strongly about something, speak up. This is not confrontation, it’s engagement. We’re a better company when people feel engaged and when our professional opinions matter.

On the surface, our work is obvious; in fact, it is not, which obliges us to look with rigor and a willingness to be challenged.

When we succeed, we’ve raised the stakes. When we improve further, we change the game.

Work with us

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