Our 728 Patient report™

Our science and technology, logistics, and internal operations
take form 
in our proprietary 728 Patient Report™.  ​

Samples in, reports out

This unique document is organized to inform decisive decision-making, while our client portal, created to simplify access to patient reports, provide exactly the information you require, exactly when you require it.


Exacting quality controls combined with a proprietary algorithm ensure not only the report’s integrity but also its relevance.

For example, by including patients’ actual historical results the data reveals what a patient may conceal.

Fast, accurate and definitive

Our proprietary report supports
appropriate and timely clinical decisions

Final determination

Our determination allows clinicians to respond in the most timely manner.

Simplified summary

Our summary enables clinicians to confidently make decisions based on amounts detected at the lowest cut-off values.

Supportive notes

Our algorithms show the relationship between parent drugs and their metabolites.

Historical context

Record of patient’s behavior and test results over time promotes honest interactions.

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of our 728 Patient Report™

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