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Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR


Why are some organisms detected in Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR testing and not in culture?


Should I treat the patient when an organism was detected with Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR test but not by culture? xxxxxx
Why are some “EMP” results presented without a percentage? xxxx
How should I treat the patient if the antimicrobial sensitivity results are unavailable? xxxxx
What does gene resistance indicate? xxxxxx
What are some organisms that are under-detected in culture versus Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR? xxxx
Why does Acutis offer antimicrobial sensitivity along with Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR organism detection? Should I rely on culture alone? xxxxxx
Is there a difference between Acutis antimicrobial testing compared to what I might receive from an alternate laboratory? xxxxx
How can urine analysis help in my interpretation of Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR results? xxxxxx
What is the potential benefit of knowing about polymicrobial infections? xxxxx
Why does the Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR detect polymicrobial infections more often than with traditional culture tests? xxxx
Why does Acutis especially recommend the Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR tests for patients who have recurrent UTI or those who are immunocompromised? xxxxx
How are Acutis Reveal™ UTI PCR results delivered faster than the time it takes for traditional culture results? xxxxx
How long will it take for me to receive antimicrobial sensitivity results? xxxxx
What is the Acutis Reveal™ UTI population health report? xxxx

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