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Diagnostic Excellence.

It’s evident. Your success demands great science and great service.

From clinical toxicology testing to advanced infectious disease and next-generation precision diagnostics, reliability matters most when it comes to delivering the best patient care.


With industry-leading turnaround times, specialized capabilities, and an agile approach, you are in expert hands.

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Patient Testing

Learn how we are serving
medical providers
around the country


Research Solutions

Learn how about how we are creating success for biopharma and IVD device partners
in oncology and infectious disease

How may we serve you?

Here's how we do it 


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Acutis continues to introduce evolving technology and science— with the goal of providing our customers with better, more actionable data and ever-more accurate results.


To ensure the highest quality testing in the country, many of our tests are approved by CLEP – a third-party reviewer for the FDA and a division of the NYSDOH that oversees laboratory-developed tests. 

It is always a race against the clock

Speed and consistency—both, not one or the other. Rapid turnaround is not an abstraction. It is a quantifiable, measurable fact. We provide what is expected: precision and turnaround.


We can process samples and return them in as few as 24 hours. To achieve what is required, we have continually introduced and refined our use of transformative tools including AI, advanced algorithms, automation, and robotics.

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Enabling smart people to make informed decisions

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Providing access to the best information isn’t an option, it’s an obligation. Toward that end, we deliver more than test results. 


We offer insights, support, and access to our staff to ensure those we serve to possess a greater understanding of the data, which they can use with absolute certainty.

Trusted organization accreditations 


We are here for you 

After exploring a number of options I am confident that Acutis offers the best customer service in its space. Their dedication and consistent, timely execution make all the difference.


What our patients and
clients have to say

Andrew Johnson on Google

Occu-Med, Fresno, CA


Our promise to you 

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Reimagine clinical research

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