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PIT (Strep A)

Strep A pathogen testing 

Acutis Reveal™ PIT (Strep A) is an FDA-cleared molecular test that quickly identifies the Group A β-hemolytic Streptococcus pyogenes pathogen responsible for Strep A disease.

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The FDA-cleared molecular detection test that
simplifies the clinical scenario



Negative predictive value

Confirmation requirements

Number of steps

Turnaround time

Acutis Reveal™ Strep A






Same day


In-office test

(rapid Antigen

Streptococcus testing)

89.9% - 99.6%

98.2% - 99.5%




24 hours to 10 days




Culture confirmation
is required


Same day

The FDA-approved test detects the major pharyngeal pathogen responsible for Strep A

Reveal™ PIT bacterial target

  • Streptococcus pyogenes


Benefits of Acutis Reveal™ PIT at a glance

A fast, one-step treatment that requires only a simple throat swab and transport media

Rapid confirmation, within 24 hours from the time a sample is received

New degrees of certainty, ensured by the test’s high sensitivity and determines whether illness is bacterial or viral in nature, and so whether a course of antibiotics is necessary

Highly accurate data confirms best treatment options and outcomes for your patients

Streamlined patient management, which eliminates costs, while relieving patients, particularly parents of children, of the anxiety of Strep A or other causes of sore throat

Clinical insights

A common complaint conceals complexity

Unlike most sore throats, which are caused by a viral infection, Strep A is a bacterial pathogen. Approximately 11 million people are diagnosed with pharyngeal infections each year. Of these episodes, up to 30% of these infections are Strep A experienced by children, and 15% are Strep A infections experienced by adults.

Strep A is also highly contagious, even by people who show no symptoms of the illness. It is spread by coughs, touching contaminated surfaces, even by drinking from the glass or eating from the same plate an an infected person.


Diagnosed properly and in a timely fashion, this infection is easily treated. But ignored, even minor infections can flare into serious illnesses including: Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever, and other troubling illnesses. Our PIT test eliminates the complexity, enabling physicians to assure their patients, both adults and children, their condition will be relived and cured.


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If you have any questions about the
Acutis Reveal™ Strep A test

Our molecular disease relations experts are available to speak with you to provide the information you need, to make individual test selections, based on your diagnoses and medical necessity.


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