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Acutis brings solutions to 2019 New York State Pain Society Annual Meeting

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This year’s theme: Emerging from the Opioid Crisis: Advances in Multimodal Care was of particular importance to our company, especially in light of the work we do to aid and abet physicians and others working in pain management and addiction specialties.

To make the most of the event, the company was represented by Acutis CEO Jibreel Sarij, VP of Sales Anthony Nolfo, as well as sales representatives: Jared Blais, Madeline Galvano, Amanda Leamer, Kseniya Shyrokava, Sam Orgel.

For participants, the Sessions’ programs reflected issues these professionals face daily, from: the evolving understanding of the opioid crisis and trends in interventional pain management, to advances in regenerative medicine and even the legal implication of pain management.

Jibreel Sarij, Acutis CEO thought the event was especially useful as it gave the company the opportunity to receive feedback directly from users of our latest technology platform. “Our platform not only provides clinical clients with a vastly simplified way to order testing and receive results, but one that also employs business intelligence tools that help report medication compliance and abuse trends.

Our sales reps also reported back that the conference allowed them to become better acquainted with doctors and other providers. Madeline Galvano, saw that Acutis is in exactly the position to “help doctors keep up with trends of treatments and issues of importance, as they rarely had the time to follow the news closely.” Amanda Leamer, like Ms. Galvano, remarked on “the privilege to speak with providers especially those unaware of the capabilities of our specialty labs.” She found in every conversation a connection to build on. What Samuel Orgel found most valuable and enjoyable was meeting with clients outside their offices because: “I had the time to actually explain how we could help them treat their patient more effectively and by extension, help their practices run more efficiently.Jared Blais: considered it “an honor being able to represent Acutis and also to attend various sessions. I was also able to meet with medical professional that I have not had the access to in the past.” An added benefit, he also made professional relationships with other vendors. Kseniya Shyrokava found most valuable the feedback she received from the pain management physicians with whom we already work. She also appreciated the chance to cultivate potential leads. She was especially delighted to see the attention Acutis received from physicians from both U.S. and abroad.

By any metric, we believe our presence at New York State Pain Society 2019 proved a success. Our staff engaged with our clients and potential clients and left with valuable insights. Perhaps most important was our team’s effort to enhance awareness of the Acutis brand, demonstrating leadership in this area of clinical toxicology.

Perhaps of greatest value we be the information that we bring home to our lab and support staff. We’ll use the insights we acquired to improve our communications internally, as well as with our clients, to raise our level of customer service. And, ultimately, we’ll use them to hone our own practices, products, and services.

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