Acutis has its eye on the future of STEM on Long Island.

Stony Brook University’s School of Health Technology and Management’s Sigma Beta chapter recently held an event to commemorate current and graduating members of its Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program. A highlight of the event was the induction of students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher into the Lambda Tau National Honor Society.

Following the ceremony, Daniela Zaborskis, Acutis’ Director of Operations, provided an overview of the nation’s opioid crisis and the role laboratory medicine plays in helping to ameliorate it. David Goldberg, Acutis’ Managing Director, spoke on the future of laboratory medicine and the critical roles the knowledge and skills of Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) will play in the profession’s evolution. Acutis’ attendance at the event is a sign of its commitment to both STEM on Long Island and also to Stony Brook’s School of Health Technology and Management. Dr. Zaborskis and Mr. Goldberg’s visit was intended to show students and graduates how their studies align with the real-life work of the profession. Acutis’ presence served also as informal recruitment effort, where the company offered internships. In addition to Dr. Zaborskis and David Goldberg, other members of Acutis in attendance included: Marjorie Bon Homme (Chief Scientist & Clinical Laboratory Director) and Javon Barnwell (Manager of Human Resources). Goldberg remarked afterwards: “The meeting was a very uplifting experience. I met with the future stewards of laboratory medicine, young scientists who having finished a rigorous program were now well prepared to enter the profession with equal parts education and enthusiasm.”

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