Acutis is a company in motion

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Pri-Med Washington, DC, offered clinicians two intense days of practical information and workable insights designed to hone skills and enhance expertise. It was a conference that spoke to us and we wanted to hear more.

As a company in motion, Acutis is building on its clinical toxicology expertise to grow into an important medical specialty laboratory. Today, Acutis, a New York–accredited lab, provides state-of-the-art diagnostic services to physicians and clinics throughout New York, as well as deep into the Tri-state area — New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and into New England. As our competencies increase, so are the places where we see the opportunity to grow. Last week, at the Pri-Med Conference in Washington, DC, Acutis was represented by Stephanie Moorefield, Tiffany DiPietro, and Nicole Summers. Each found a receptive, even enthusiastic audience for the new level of service Acutis offers.

Stephanie was impressed by the size of the show, as well as the optimistic collegial atmosphere. She found the opportunity to introduce Acutis to many in attendance, healthcare providers open to new resources. Tiffany met with doctors and other providers. She engaged in serious discussions with a number of physicians who, while genuinely interested in trends and treatments, often didn’t have the time to learn on their own. Nicole discovered Pri-Med attendees who were anxious to learn what Acutis had to offer. She was most excited by physicians who, after visiting our booth, invited us to come to their offices to hear how Acutis could add value to their practices.

All agreed that the meeting provided invaluable insights into the state of the industry. And each saw there was a real need for a company that could articulate its vision and purpose. After our successful meeting in DC, we look forward to the next Pri-Med show, and also to taking the Acutis message farther and farther afield.