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Acutis recognized at NCIDA Back to Business Networking Breakfast

On Tuesday, October 19th, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran recognized Acutis Diagnostics for its role as a biosciences and diagnostics success story in Nassau County at the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency (NCIDA) Back to Business Networking Breakfast.

Referencing the importance of Acutis to Nassau County and the recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, County Executive Curran said, “If we did not have this facility here, I really believe our recovery wouldn’t have been as robust as it has been.”

With support from the NCIDA, we were able to expand our facilities in Nassau County so that we continue to focus on scientific innovations, including our current research in precision genomics and in infectious disease diagnostics. During this time of crisis, the expansion enabled our team to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at home in New York and across the nation with sample turnaround times of less than 24 hours and a daily capacity of 50,000 samples.

We are incredibly grateful to County Executive Curran for her encouraging words and to the NCIDA for enabling us to have a major impact on our community.

Visit for the full video.

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