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Acutis COVID-19 Webinar, March 19, 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Protect your practice from COVID-19 Led by Michelle Leger, Director of Quality Assurance and featuring Dr. Marjorie Bon Homme, Chief Scientist & Laboratory Director

The COVID-19 Webinar was led by the Acutis’ Director of Quality Assurance, Michelle Leger on Thursday March 19, 2020.

During one hour, she covered the following key points:

  • Discussion of current COVID-19 environment and information on pathogen transmission

  • Explanation of actionable short-term and long-term methods to maintain a clean work environment and prevent the spread of infection

  • Sharing of healthcare industry-specific best practices on maintaining a healthy and safe workplace


Michelle Leger

Acutis' Director of Quality Assurance

The focus of this seminar was for healthcare professionals in settings where they are not directly treating patients for COVID-19, but who may be exposed through patient interactions

(e.g., substance use and addiction treatment). 

Thanks everyone for spending a stimulating and valuable hour together.

Colleagues, peers and participants can download the contents of our COVID-19 Webinar below.

Download PDF • 1.68MB

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