American Heart Month

Updated: Mar 14

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the US, causing one in four deaths each year. With Valentine's Day falling during American Heart Month, it's the perfect time for people to dedicate themselves to their cardiovascular health. One way to do this? Pick up some healthy habits this month, starting today.

Studies from the NHLBI show that connecting with others makes your efforts to live a healthier life more successful, and everyone participating seems to stay more motivated. Whether with a friend, a significant other, or family, here are some easy things you can begin to incorporate into your routine today to live a heart-healthy life:

  • Planning and cooking healthy meals together

  • Living smoke-free

  • Partaking in daily walks

  • Making an appointment with your doctor for a heart-health screening

  • Finding new ways, like meditation, to manage stress

Celebrate this Valentine's day together with healthy hearts. Learn more about American Heart Month and how you can take better care of your hearts together.