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Inside the Coronavirus Genome

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Acutis Diagnostics is closely keeping an eye on developing research being conducted on the SARS-2-COVID-19 genome. Publications that reveal minute elements of the genome structure are especially valuable to our scientists who use this information to better understand the disease at the microscopic level. 

The sequencing of the virus’ genome structure is unique to each coronavirus strain, and the SARS-2-COVID-19 genome proves to hold some interesting information. 

To understand how the viral infection spreads in the population, structure, and function of the genome is important,” says Acutis Senior Scientist, Dr. Mayilvahanan Shanmugam. “This understanding leads to vaccine and drug development. At the same time, it will provide insight into why this new coronavirus is different from the other coronaviruses which we are testing in the Acutis Reveal RIT panel.

See the microscopic breakdown of the SAR-2-COVID-19 genome’s structure in “Bad News Wrapped in Protein: Inside the Coronavirus Genome,” published by the New York Times.

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