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STD Awareness Week

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The rise of sexually transmitted infections is a public health concern. Healthcare providers are encouraged by the CDC to take three simple actions this week to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections and diseases > Talk. Test. Treat.

STD Awareness Week reinforces that all sexually transmitted infections are preventable and treatable, and most are curable. This campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness about STIs and STDs and how they impact our lives; reduce STD-related stigma and fear; and ensure everyone has access to the tools and resources needed to prevent, test for, and treat sexually transmitted infections.

We encourage all of our community healthcare providers to revisit the many ways you can empower your patients to take charge of their sexual health. Getting tested for STIs is one of the most important things sexually active individuals can do to protect their health and the health of others, and we recognize the need for accurate testing for practitioners and their patients.

Utilizing a CLEP-approved laboratory-developed test methodology, Acutis Reveal™ STI offers the greatest degree of certainty compared to any standard or traditional test. Put through significantly more rigorous validation measures and reviews than other laboratory-developed tests (LDT) before it's approved for patient use, LDTs approved by CLEP – the Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program – ensure the highest quality testing in the country.

In your diagnostic testing selection, you'll rest assured that Acutis will deliver accurate results on time with Acutis Reveal™ STI.

Is your practice in need of sexually transmitted infection testing? Learn about Acutis Reveal™ STI today.

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