Stop by the Acutis Booth at the New York State Pain Society’s Annual Meeting & Scientific sessions

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The media coverage of the ‘opiate epidemic’ as driven by pill pushing-doctors and by pain patients worries me a lot, and I think it is already being used to forward the idea that people in chronic pain should not have access to relief from their pain.” Dr. Anita Gupta

For the third time in as many years, Acutis will be in attendance at the New York State Pain Society 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions. This year’s theme: Emerging from the Opioid Crisis: Advances in Multimodal Care reflects the cautious optimism that reflect the many programs and sessions that will be held from Friday, May 17th through Sunday May 19th , at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel.

In light of both the importance of this event, as well as our commitment to pain-management professionals and practices, the company with be represented by Acutis CEO Jibreel Sarij, VP of Sales Anthony Nolfo, as well as sales representatives: Jared Blais, Madeline Galvano, Amanda Leamer, Kseniya Shyrokava, Sam Orgel. For more information about Acutis visit the company at Table #44.

This year’s events are organized around Seven Sessions:

1.     Advances in our Understanding of the Opioid Crisis —Just the Facts

2.     Advances in Pharmacological Care

3.     Advances in Interventional Pain Management

4.     Advances in Regenerative Medicine

5.     The Great Debates—Advances of Not?

6.     Advances in Complimentary Therapies

7.     The Legal Side off Pain—What’s happening to the Practice, the Patients and You

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear thought leaders and specialists speak on a variety of critical subjects, as was well as participate in discussions as varied as “Components of Successful Multidisciplinary Practice and the “Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetic Factors Support” as well as “The Pseudoscience of Morphine Equivalent,”  “Advances in Migraine Therapy“ and “De-Stigmatizing the Pain Patient.”

Events will also include panel discussions as well as ample opportunities to network in an open and collegial setting.

Click for more information about this year’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions | May 17th-19th, 2019