World Health Day: Health is a Human Right

Updated: Apr 26

People worldwide demanded equality and the protection of their right to health as the HIV/AIDS epidemic highlighted disparities in human rights regarding health and healthcare. As a result, policy changes and legal reform were enacted, along with increased funding provided to HIV/AIDS research and treatment – helping to reduce the rate of new infections and otherwise positively impacting health outcomes in relation to this condition.

This epidemic presented a new world view on why human rights are critical to health, something the COVID-19 pandemic has similarly shown us. World Health Day gives us an opportunity to advocate for equal human rights, as human rights are closely linked with how diseases spread and impact communities, particularly due to inequalities.

Learn about how you can advocate for equal human rights to support healthy communities for all as the American Public Health Association identifies areas of public health that are critical to our country's future success as a healthful nation > National Public Health Week