Workplace testing with Acutis Reveal™

We understand that COVID-19 has introduced a new challenge.

The stakes for your workplace are high.


We believe you need a laboratory that is reliable. One that delivers results at the speed
of your fast-paced business. With a testing process that is easeful from start to finish. 

Above all, where quality and accuracy are non-negotiable.

Our work is to get it all done so that:

You have one less thing to worry about.


Quick turnaround

that keeps your team

on track

Speed matters. Our average time to report results is 16 hours, and for many samples, even sooner.

We are set up with the flexibility that you need to keep your team moving, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

We specialize in infectious disease and are accredited by CAP and NYS Department of Health.

We were amongst the first laboratories to begin COVID-19 testing in the US, all while not compromising our high standards of operation.

Over 1 million COVID-19
samples processed,


Distinct accuracy
and quality

Your concerns about accuracy are alleviated.

Acutis Reveal™ detects at levels of viral load that well exceeds over 90 percent of tests available. Lower levels of detection are intended to reduce false negatives.

Our test is further enhanced with our ability to indicate if enough sample was collected.

Concierge service
and high touch logistics

that bring ease

We have put together a complete solution that will be tailored to your needs.

Our clients value our portals, scheduling tools, real-time alerts, medical personnel on the ground, and customer service that makes the testing process seamless.


Acutis    COVID-19

One of the earliest labs in New York State to test


Processing 100,000 tests per month

Reported results for the majority of samples within 24 hours

Consistently highlighted by clients for critically fast turnaround 

Benefits of Acutis Reveal™ at a glance


Exacting science that identifies the nature of a pathogen, removing ambiguity presented by similar symptoms

Extreme sensitivity for more precise identification of pathogens

Rapid results delivered quickly, as early as 5 to 24 hours from receipt of sample

The confidence of knowing with near certainty the cause and seriousness of an illness, and the satisfaction of relieving your patients’ fears and anxieties

Our menu of testing options is continually refined to meet today’s clinical requirements, our commitment to innovation promises ever more accurate results.

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